Gone to Texas!

Pioneer Trails of McCreary, Buck, Bayliss,

Leverett, Rice, Estes, Timberlake,

Graham, Hughes, Wheeler, & Allied Families


The oldest of my American ancestors moved West by stages---from the American colonies, across the Appalachian Mountains, stopping here and there for a generation or two.

Their descendants finally ended up in wagons with all their belongings, telling their neighbors, "We're going to Texas."

Most were searching for the flat blackland prairie of Northeast and North Central Texas. The prospect of growing cotton in this fertile earth lured them, as it did many others.

I hope there is something here that will further your research. Perhaps we are fourth cousins, once removed!

I have included my sources and am grateful to all whose work has made mine possible.

Let the content here be a guide or aid, but double check all before adding the information to your research.

The caveat in genealogy is: "From the information available at this time . . . " New information is uncovered, the evidence weighed, and corrections are continually made. My genealogy research is always a work in progress, and I welcome your comments and suggestions.

hubert harris buck & annie laura graham wedding 22 aug 1901 closeup.jpg

 Hubert Harris Buck and Anna Laura Graham
Wedding 22 August 1901


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